"The Kill Jar"


A beautiful Native American Sashena, her brother and two friends ride their Harley's to a small desert town restaurant in search of a mechanic to repair the girl's bike. The three men leave Sashena to her repairs and go out on their bikes to retrieve a stolen buried treasure in the mountains. Sashena discovers that the small town restaurant owner plans to go after her brother and take the money.

Sashena befriends the cook and his sister asking them to help warn her brother. The three go to rescue Sashena's brother only to be followed by the town's corrupt Sheriff and his deputy who suspect the four bikers are wanted for a casino robbery one year earlier.

"The Killing Jar" ©2005 ® WGA
Written by: Marlene Sosebee

Plot Synopsis:

Sashena is abused by her casino boss who embezzles money from her tribal leaders. She and her brother Grimes, his friends Halis and Scooter rob the casino and bury the treasure in the desert.

One year later they return to the desert to retrieve the money. They stop at The Milkweed Diner and meet Jake, the owner, Lisa the waitress and her brother Kyle the cook. When Sashena and Kyle meet they fall for each other.

When Lisa makes a copy of the treasure map for Sashena at the Milkweed Diner, the ink ribbon imprint is later discovered by Jake.
When Grimes, Halis and Scooter head out for the treasure they are then followed by Jake, Cutter, and other bikers.

Sashena discovers that Jake and his henchmen have left town so she gets Kyle and Lisa to help her warn her brother.
Sheriff Jones is informed by his snitch, Homer that everyone is after the money and he and his deputy take off in their SUV after the bikers.

Scooter steals the money as Grimes and Halis sleep and runs into Jake shooting him dead. Scooter takes shots at Sashena, Lisa and Kyle as he speeds off on his Harley with the cash.

Sheriff Jones spots Scooter and chases him until Scooter crashes into a tree and is killed. Sheriff Jones knocks out his Deputy as a car shows up with the corrupt casino owner. The Sheriff kills him.

Grimes, Sashena, Halis, Lisa, Kyle, and others show up to find the casino owner dead. Cutter identifies himself as a US Marshal investigating the Sheriff, casino owner and Jake for originally embezzling the now stolen money to bribe a politician for a gaming license.

The bikers head off to confront the Sheriff. They shoot out the Sheriff's tires and kill him in a gun battle. The casino money is returned to the tribal leaders.