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SAG Ultra Low Budget film seeks completion funds

Here is a SAG Ultra Low Budget film “ Hammer ” looking for investor/producer.

Info on the project:

This SAG Ultra Low Budget movie is completely pre-produced with Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting, Everything is complete including call sheets, shoot schedule, days out of days, prop lists, wardrobe list, sides, strips, breakdown sheets and more for this 13 day shoot in Los Angeles. The pre-production elements are all in place, the pre-production costs have been covered, all of the production equipment , sound stage and locations secured plus above and below the line cost are covered (Excluding cast at12K). We have our own recording studios and musicians for music and scoring plus film editing.

At this time we are looking for an investor.

If you are interested in helping with the financing Boudica Productions and Z-Ville Productions would love to arrange a meeting at your request to see if this is something that would be advantageous to all involved. We need to raise another 75 thousand and will offer 60% of all profits and producer credit if desired.

I could email you a script if you would like to read it and I do have complete investor packages with all of the production details included that are available if needed.

Below is the synopsis for “Hammer”.

Based on: Fictional account
By: Marlene Sosebee
© 2006 Reg. WGA
Format: Feature
Log line: A deformed and retarded man seeks revenge with a large hammer for being hidden away in his basement since the age of four.
Synopsis: As the Eller Estate takes on a new nurse and her boyfriend house painter, people start disappearing. The suspicious town Sheriff seeks out a search warrant and warns the new inhabitants to leave. It is slowly revealed to all that seventy-year-old Mrs. Eller has kept a dark secret hidden away in her basement for almost forty years.
Attempting to escape the wrath of Tommy Eller's hammer the new occupants of the Eller Estate try to find recently missing friends while pleading for the Sheriff's help.

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